Lamination protects stickers against external conditions, e.g. weather and mechanical conditions. Over time, all prints fade and lose their attractiveness. Laminate significantly extends their service life.

In addition to the obvious practical benefits, the aesthetic benefits should also be highlighted. The laminate will definitely bring out the visual value of each sticker. Depending on the customer's needs, we select the appropriate laminate for printing. The most commonly used are matte, glossy and floor laminates.

Glossy and matt laminates significantly increase the resistance to the above-mentioned conditions and give your stickers an attractive appearance. On the other hand, the flooring one has it that it makes prints incredibly resistant to mechanical conditions. It has a specific rough surface and allows the land to survive, even when being trampled on. It is definitely more expensive than the previous refinements, but irreplaceable when we need the stickers to survive even in the most difficult conditions.